Cultural Portfolio Summarized

a reflection on the entire portfolio. This should be a 500-750 word reflection that you will include as an introduction to your portfolio. Look at the entire portfolio: what does the complete collection say about the cultures you live and practice each day? What does it say about your interests? What common theme can you find? How does this collection describe your own cultural identity? (If you choose to post your portfolio on a blog, be sure to post this as your last entry so it will be at the top of the page.)

The complete collection of all my artifacts reflects just how similar our cultures are from the United States to Latin  the Culture. The customs from different countries are different than the United States, but are also very similar in other ways. From museums about ancient battles and weaponry artifacts to famous pop star singers, to tourist attraction towns, to bull fighting. Only a small boarder separates the United States from Mexico, and the rest of the Latin world. Today with technology to travel via air planes, and fast moving boats people are constantly traveling back and forth getting acquainted with different cultures and realizing how closely related they are to their own natural born culture. I love music, and writing lyrics and that hobby is a part of many peoples lives across the globe, regardless of which language it was written, or which style it was wrote out to be, the basic principle and idea is relatively the same. My interest vary from song writing to listening to music, to exploring history from amazing museums, to watching fascinating activities like bull fights, and other sports. The biggest divider between cultures in my opinion is not the people, but the lifestyles of those people and the places where they are born, and how rich they are. Regardless of nationality anyone can be molded into who they are simply by being born in a certain location of the world. However, the chain between what makes us different isn’t as far stretched as one might imagine. There are noticeable differences though, like watching bull fighting instead of watching Sunday night football, or listening to a country music singer instead of a Spanish singer, or even museums surrounding a Spanish war compared to a war which was fought inside the United States. But the similarities are strikingly seen in almost every event. Same styles of weapons (muskets, artillery), same instruments in bands (guitars, drums), same audiences watching a sport event (large  crowds, stadiums). So even though each and every culture is unique and different, it is also linked together by the strand of humanity. My collection of artifacts explains much about my interests, and what i think is important or not, or fun. However in the end we are all the same, and our experiences reflect our life, environment and how we act towards one another. The more that people from different cultures react with other people from different cultures, the less divide we will have as humanity, around the world and the more we can come together to serve a common purpose, and a common good together as humans.

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Cultural Portfolio Artifact 5   <—————————URL to Artifact

Cuando estaba en mexico, yo vi una corrida de toros. La plaza de toros fue muy grande y habia mucha gente. Mexico tiene la plaza de toros mas grande y mas famosa del mundo, donde vienen matadores muy famosos de todos los rincones del mundo. La corrida de toros es un deporte antiguo que remonta desde la epoca de los Romanos. Es un baile espectacular entre hombre y toro, donde uno o el otro termina con la muerte.

When i spent my vacation last summer in Mexico, i got the chance to witness a bull fighting spectacle in Mexico City, in the world renown bull ring. The show generally lasts for most of the afternoon, starting with about six valiant bulls and sometimes some bulls win their life through acts of bravery in front of the audience. It was a fascinating experience, and i learned so much more from witnessing it in person than reading about it before the event.

In the United States, our ancestors were greatly influenced by the presence of the Romans in early Britain, and the practice of savage beasts fighting before a crowd in an arena still exists today through the spirit of the Spanish culture. Early pioneers were accustomed to fighting animals such as cock fights, and dog fights through the history of the United States. Fighting  bulls as well as other animals, the tradition of fighting animals ties strongly in with American tradition.

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Cultural Portfolio Artifact 4 <———————-Artifact 4

Guanajuato es una de las joyas coloniales en el corazon de Mexico. Es famosa por sus minas de platas, y tiene una historia muy rica. Tambien es famosa por su museo de las momias, tiene como ciento y uno momias, cuales son muy antiguas. Guanajuato tiene una estatua de una figura historica famosa de la guerra de la independencia que esta situada en una colina encima de la cuidad, se llama el pipila. Cuando tu estes en Guanajuato, se sienta que tu estes en una ciudad de europa, porque tiene una arquitectura muy europea, y espanola.

I got the chance to visit this city last summer with my brother, on our trip throughout Mexico. I was very impressed that much of the city was covered in European style walls, and buildings. Guanajuanto is the third largest city in Mexico, and has a very large population. The Mexican people have a warmth, and hospitality unlike any country I’ve ever visited. Some of the statues, are of giant fountains of frogs spewing water on the streets. The churches in this city, are vast and expensive. When you walk in the amount of gold will leave you dazzling in amazement.

Due to it’s scenery and colonial past, this city receives lots of international tourists from around the world. This also reminds me of many tourist cities around the United States. For example Tombstone, Arizona, New York City, or Asheville, North Carolina are also largely tourist places that people from around the world come to visit. The mountains of North Carolina also is a huge tourist attraction. Guanajuanto is known for it’s tourist income, and its colonial past as well much like Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia are known for.

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From Dusk till Dawn

From Dusk till Dawn

The sun is falling in the sky, and you’ve never looked so great in that light.. i love that smile you always do..when your trying to make everything seem alright…I’m looking in your eyes…and i know our love is greater than the sky…it goes beyond imagination…..passed the stars….into another world…and that paradise is ours….

just keep holding me tight..and never let me go…until the sun rises again…and i’m and me both…when your kissing me everything stops…except your heart beat and mine….

when your close. you make all the problems of the world. find a new home…and everything that could go right. is going right…in your arms….your a dream come true. I’ve never thought. I’d be holding a shining star…quite like you…

if i could freeze time..and keep that sun in the sky…all day long… it would be perfect…as long as your lips…are kissing mine….and your arm is holding me closer…our skin is sweating…and I’m afraid…our almost over…

But just keep holding me tight…never letting me go…until that sun rises again….and I’m and me both…because when your kissing me…everything stops…except your heart beat..beating next to mine…

so let’s just continue staring in each others eyes…and forget about the world around us…let’s pretend we have our own world…and in this world..time stops…we’ll never stop holding each other…and we’ll never have faults…we’ll just spend..forever in this…non stop time vault…

The sun has sank beneath the trees..darkness is covering everything…and i feel a slight breeze..which is why.. i can’t let you leave..because i need you warming me.. let’s hold each other until the sun rises again..and let’s try…to keep this time frozen within..

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my angel

my angel

every morning when i open up my eyes, i find a smile on my lips, because your half asleep and still as beautiful as ever….our skin is touching under the blankets, and your my own personal angel….

your every flaw….makes you more and more perfect, in my eyes because the reality of spending my life with you….becomes more possible…your so spectacular…this dream…is far fetched…but you staying with me, loving me…is making me…smile toward the future… regrets…..

i’m in love, every inch of my heart…is in love…with everything…you are….your smile…your eyes…your touch…your life….makes me not want to die….because this is heaven on earth…i don’t need fairy tales in the sky…my angel is right here…holding me close..each and every night…

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My Cultural Portfolio Artifact 3  <———-This is the url to my 3rd artifact.

Esta cancion, me gusta mucho porque me recuerda de las emociones que yo senti cuando me enamore, por la primera vez. Yo entiendo porque ella escogio estas letras de esta cancion, porque no hay nada como tener partido el corazon. En esta cancion, ella canta de que haria, cualquier cosa para mantener la relacion que lleva con su novio. Las letras fueron escritas basadas en las experiencias de su vida, y son muy sinceras.

My personal experiences can relate to this song very much because i felt like this when i first fell in love, it touched a personal chord inside of me when i heard this song. The weirdest part about Shakira, was that she was my girlfriend’s favorite singer when i lived in San Diego during my experiences in the Marine Corps. So i naturally started to favor this Spanish singer from a very early beginning. I listen to her music in Spanish, on her first CD as well as her newer English songs.

The significance of this song resonates around the world and throughout many cultures, for those who have once loved and have got their heart broken. Many people who listen to this song, remember the pain and suffering they went through during the hardships throughout their life. The message in this song is very powerful, and inspirational for those that are willing to open up their heart,with the intent to find true love.

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Writing Topic 3

Hola como te llamas? Me llamo Carolina. Mucho Gusto Carolina, me llamo Aaron. Cuantos anos tienes? Tengo dieciocho anos, y tu? Tengo veinticinco anos. Tu eres muy linda, tienes un novio? No, no tengo un novio, y gracias. Donde vives? Muy cerca de aqui, y tu? Vivo dicz minutos de aqui, en un apartamento. Mis padres ya no estan ahi. Que lindo. Que te gusta hacer? Me gusta nadar en la piscina, y ir al cine todo el tiempo. Y tu? Que te gusta hacer? Me gusta bailar en las discotecas, y escuchar a musica alternativa. Que pienas de mi? Crees que soy un tipo muy interesante? Si tu pareces muy divertido. Tienes un numero de cell? Si mi numero es 533-3434. Gracias, lo tengo. Buenas noches mi linda. Buenas noches a mi guapo.

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