Cultural Portfolio Artifact 1 <——- This is the link where my artifact is located.

Este museo es mi museo favorito de todo Mexico. Porque El Museo Chapultepec muestra cosas de la gran historia de Mexico. Tambien tiene objetos de su militar y de su pasado emperial. This is Mexico’s version of the Biltmore Estate, in Asheville North Carolina. This museum is a castle on a hill over looking Mexico City, where the Napoleonic-Era Emperor Maximiliano ruled from.

This museum is important to me because I’m extremely interested in the history of war being raged within different eras. Since I served in the military, I have a huge interest in old and modern warfare. This museum shows all types of weapons, such as: cannons, muskets, and torture devices.

This museum relates to our culture in several different ways, one of which was the famous war raging between The United States and Mexico for territory. Most people in the United States would recognize hearing the word “The Alamo”. The majority of the recovered artifacts from this war is displayed in this museum along with the history behind the United States  illegal invasion. During this era the Protestants were murdering Catholics throughout the United States,  over 500 Irishmen defected to the Mexican miltary to escape the butchering, because they were Catholics. Thus, they joined the Mexican army and fought along side the Mexicans against their own country men because of the differences of religion who worshiped the same god. They are remembered throughout Mexico as the Saint Patrick’s Brigade.


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