My Cultural Portfolio Artifact 2  <————– This is the link to my 2nd artifact.

Esta serie de la television es mi favorito programa en espanol. Porque es lleno de accion y drama, con muchas romances y traiciones. La serie se trata de un caracter como Robin Hood, que roba de los ricos y da a los pobres. Esta serie tiene muchas batallas entre Portugal y Espana, y tiene muchas escenas intensas y realisticas de como vivio la gente en este periodo de tiempo de los 1700’s.

I’m interested in this show because of how realistic the actors/actresses portray their roles unlike many other shows I’ve watched on Spanish television. I’m fascinated with the history of Europe as a whole, and this t.v show excels at demonstrating how life was lived in the Iberian Peninsula, during the mid 16th century. Another reason this show captures my interest is because I’m intrigued by war scenes, and the knighthood (i.e) armor, horses, and swords. During this time period gun powder was a somewhat new weapon, and was greatly feared among the commoners who had known only swordsmanship.

The legacy of Robin Hood was brought over by the early English settlers, when they colonized North America. This general theme correlates strongly in this t.v show, where a heroic figure steals from the rich, and gives to the poor, and threatens the power of the king. Gonzalo, the hero in the show also protects the weak from abuse, by the town authorities. (i.e The sheriff). This show also is quite similar to the ideals presented in the action movie, or the t.v series Zorro, which bridges the gap between Spanish culture and the culture of the United States.


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