My Cultural Portfolio Artifact 3  <———-This is the url to my 3rd artifact.

Esta cancion, me gusta mucho porque me recuerda de las emociones que yo senti cuando me enamore, por la primera vez. Yo entiendo porque ella escogio estas letras de esta cancion, porque no hay nada como tener partido el corazon. En esta cancion, ella canta de que haria, cualquier cosa para mantener la relacion que lleva con su novio. Las letras fueron escritas basadas en las experiencias de su vida, y son muy sinceras.

My personal experiences can relate to this song very much because i felt like this when i first fell in love, it touched a personal chord inside of me when i heard this song. The weirdest part about Shakira, was that she was my girlfriend’s favorite singer when i lived in San Diego during my experiences in the Marine Corps. So i naturally started to favor this Spanish singer from a very early beginning. I listen to her music in Spanish, on her first CD as well as her newer English songs.

The significance of this song resonates around the world and throughout many cultures, for those who have once loved and have got their heart broken. Many people who listen to this song, remember the pain and suffering they went through during the hardships throughout their life. The message in this song is very powerful, and inspirational for those that are willing to open up their heart,with the intent to find true love.


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