Cultural Portfolio Artifact 4 <———————-Artifact 4

Guanajuato es una de las joyas coloniales en el corazon de Mexico. Es famosa por sus minas de platas, y tiene una historia muy rica. Tambien es famosa por su museo de las momias, tiene como ciento y uno momias, cuales son muy antiguas. Guanajuato tiene una estatua de una figura historica famosa de la guerra de la independencia que esta situada en una colina encima de la cuidad, se llama el pipila. Cuando tu estes en Guanajuato, se sienta que tu estes en una ciudad de europa, porque tiene una arquitectura muy europea, y espanola.

I got the chance to visit this city last summer with my brother, on our trip throughout Mexico. I was very impressed that much of the city was covered in European style walls, and buildings. Guanajuanto is the third largest city in Mexico, and has a very large population. The Mexican people have a warmth, and hospitality unlike any country I’ve ever visited. Some of the statues, are of giant fountains of frogs spewing water on the streets. The churches in this city, are vast and expensive. When you walk in the amount of gold will leave you dazzling in amazement.

Due to it’s scenery and colonial past, this city receives lots of international tourists from around the world. This also reminds me of many tourist cities around the United States. For example Tombstone, Arizona, New York City, or Asheville, North Carolina are also largely tourist places that people from around the world come to visit. The mountains of North Carolina also is a huge tourist attraction. Guanajuanto is known for it’s tourist income, and its colonial past as well much like Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia are known for.


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