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Cuando estaba en mexico, yo vi una corrida de toros. La plaza de toros fue muy grande y habia mucha gente. Mexico tiene la plaza de toros mas grande y mas famosa del mundo, donde vienen matadores muy famosos de todos los rincones del mundo. La corrida de toros es un deporte antiguo que remonta desde la epoca de los Romanos. Es un baile espectacular entre hombre y toro, donde uno o el otro termina con la muerte.

When i spent my vacation last summer in Mexico, i got the chance to witness a bull fighting spectacle in Mexico City, in the world renown bull ring. The show generally lasts for most of the afternoon, starting with about six valiant bulls and sometimes some bulls win their life through acts of bravery in front of the audience. It was a fascinating experience, and i learned so much more from witnessing it in person than reading about it before the event.

In the United States, our ancestors were greatly influenced by the presence of the Romans in early Britain, and the practice of savage beasts fighting before a crowd in an arena still exists today through the spirit of the Spanish culture. Early pioneers were accustomed to fighting animals such as cock fights, and dog fights through the history of the United States. Fighting  bulls as well as other animals, the tradition of fighting animals ties strongly in with American tradition.


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